'Death of Aloha' Collection November 12 2013

We are stoked to introduce the latest collection from Ampal Creative Headwear 'Death of Aloha'. Click on images for more details.

The D.O.A and DEATH OF ALOHA snapbacks and camp hat. The Death of Aloha, inspired by the current and historical exploitation of the aloha spirit.

The NO MAS AMIGOS and STAY WEIRD snapbacks and camp hat. Remember who your true friends are.
I've wanted to make a wood grain hat for a while and I finally found a few rolls of wood print. I bought it on the spot, since "wood is good."
The DARKSIDE Snapback, camp hat and HEAVY METAL camp hat. We are bringing back our DARKSIDE all black hat, this time in supple Lambskin Leather and wool. Blast off into Space Maidens with Lasers battling Evil Robots, Asteroids, Rock N Roll & 3rd Eye Universal Vision. Now available in a camp hat.

The CHULLOS Snapback, camp hat and JUNEAU camp hat. Last spring, I found 2 deadstock rolls of this super soft premium woven material with a pattern that reminded me of a South American "chullo" - the woven earflap beanies from Peru, Chile and other Andean Mt areas. I bought the roll and locked it in storage, knowing it would make a perfect fall/winter hat. It is almost like a beanie and the corduroy is super comfortable, enjoy.
For FW13 we are introducing the UNION STANDARD line of basic hats. We wanted to be able to offer a lower pricepoint hat without sacrificing any of the Ampal quality and keep it made in USA. For the first releases we are using a premium US made heavyweight 100% cotton canvas in the classic work colors of Ranch Brown and Navy.